“I love that design is such a vast, layered field—where you can explore varied tasks and find your path along the way.”

Growing up around architects, the process of design and building caught Johnny’s attention as a child. He is fascinated by the idea of creating new, beautiful things and shaping them into physical forms. With a knack for spotting complicated challenges, Johnny takes on complex issues, identifies their roots and simplifies them with ease and technical sensibilities.

Kickstarting his architectural career with construction documentation, he moved on to pursue his design interests. Through experience he found his true calling in project detailing. Inspired by architect Renzo Piano and his ability to intersect architecture with engineering, Johnny likes to experiment with the art of joinery through his passion for craftsmanship. He builds on his designer’s vision to develop a concept into organized systems.

Much of Johnny’s work focuses on K12 schools. A highlight was working on Sammamish High School for seven years from initial design to construction, handling surprises and hurdles along the way. His conviction to think and solve an issue echoes his resilient nature. In his 20 years with Integrus, Johnny has held both design and project management roles, advancing from architectural intern to Associate Principal.