“Crafting the places we experience life is our obligation and commitment as architects—to design buildings that actively support the next generation of people and the environment.”

Matthew leads with empathy and passion. As a thoughtful and encouraging design leader he seeks to inspire a palpable creativity in our practice and to design spaces that nourish, create wonderment, and awe. A leading mentor and teacher, Matthew supports emerging voices and talent both at Integrus and in the broader region as part-time faculty at the University of Washington. His reimagining of the Evergreen Seminar I building at The Evergreen State College exemplifies his desire to design places that inspire a sense of agency, where people can see themselves as being successful.

An explorer by nature, Matthew takes design inspiration from critically engaging with the world around him to understand the relationship between individuals and the whole. Walking global cities essentially inspired him to become an architect. His curiosity as an urban geographer informs a perspective on life and fuels the creativity for a social and spatial approach to designing space for empowerment and change. A critical theorist, he thoughtfully contemplates questions related to experience, equity, race, and the environment, to design places where people feel acknowledged with a sense of agency to see themselves as being successful.