“Architects are uniquely positioned to share the benefit of holistic design thinking to ensure a final design provides a sense of belonging for both the individual and within the surrounding built landscape. It is amazingly humbling and an honor to create built environments that will impact the future of our communities for 50+ years.”

Becky came to Integrus right out of design school, with early exposure to a variety of public works projects, eventually finding her niche as Higher Education Design Principal. Her experience with 25 colleges and universities throughout the Pacific Northwest includes leading programming and scoping efforts to reach innovative, individualized solutions that enhance the health and wellness of campus inhabitants while ensuring an equitable and sustainable future. Becky thrives on supporting the cutting edge of academia advancing scientific knowledge, particularly related to neuroscience research growing understanding of human responses to the built environment.

Becky has always loved both art and science making her practice of architecture, particularly the design of science buildings, a perfect blend of the two. Detail oriented and thorough, she is a thoughtful leader with a decisive and insightful approach for holistically solving problems by anticipating questions and long-term implications before they arise. This is evident in her ability to translate complex systems into clear, approachable methods for working toward outstanding outcomes. She models the power of hard work, service, and unflagging dedication.

For Becky, relationships with clients are paramount, believing the best teams are those where everyone is respected and engaged. Her distinctive laugh and positive outlook ensure everyone has fun along the way. This extends to her passion for fostering the role of emerging architects as leaders within the profession and in their communities, bridging the gap between today’s architectural profession and its future.