“I love that as an engineer I use my skill and craft to help others feel secure and supported in the structures I create.”

Building bridges not just practically, but also between the fields of engineering and architecture, Theresa works in a way that connects people. She was always certain of being an engineer simply because she couldn’t picture herself doing anything else. Since pursuing studies in architectural engineering at California Polytechnic State University, she has been delighted to discover that practicing engineering with architecture is a creatively fulfilling reality.

Diving deep in this detail-oriented field for 29 years, 17 of which have been with Integrus, her unwavering focus revolves around the creative interplay of architectural and structural design. Work on an early addition to Ingraham High School eliminates the line between architectural and structural expression, Theresa appreciates how each works in unison in a well-crafted, well-detailed cohesive effort. She strives to nurture and support the community of building users by viewing design challenges from their perspective. Collaborating with talented designers exercising various skills into a unified design that expresses the best potential of combined strengths is where she finds her joy.