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We believe architecture is so much more than creating beautiful spaces—it’s about bringing people together and fostering long-term connections. If you’re looking for a partner who shares your vision for a space, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Locations

The world seemed larger in 1953 when we set up shop in Spokane, Washington. There was room to bring big ideas and advancements to the Northwest, and our young founders jumped at the opportunity to modernize their community. Ever since, it’s been a two-way street that links us to people and professionals around the world. We’re now influencing the work of others as much as we’re being influenced. We’re participating on a global scale in an increasingly coordinated effort to strengthen communities and improve the human experience. It’s no wonder that our own physical footprint needed to expand. With offices in Seattle, Portland, and Spokane, we’re able to explore and develop the uniqueness of life in the American Northwest, and at the same time access a more internationally informed and inspired perspective.

Join our team, and let’s build an extraordinary future.