“I believe space is an expression of value and worth, and that investing in community spaces can create a more equitable and resilient future for everyone.”

A propitious trip to Spain at age 16, and the opportunity to tour famed Gaudi sites like the Sagrada Familia church, sparked Crystal’s interest in architecture. The wonder of experiencing timeless buildings firsthand and seeing their enduring impact on the community made an indelible impression.

As an architect, her passion for serving community through design is underscored by the belief that as stewards of the built environment, architects play a key role in shaping communities to meet the needs of today and provide for future generations. Her work on the Oregon State University Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building exemplifies community resilience not only by physically preparing the coastal campus for a tsunami, but also supporting the work happening there to promote sustainability addressing pressing issues including climate change, natural hazards, renewable energy production and natural resources management.

Crystal is a registered architect with 20 years of experience in all phases of design and construction. Her work is focused on the public realm with clients committed to education, innovation, and public service. For Crystal, architecture is all about people. Those she encounters in the design process and people whose activities, experiences and lifestyles feel the impact of the built environment. She enjoys working with multiple stakeholders and managing the competing needs of users, facilities managers, and executive teams, to solve problems and bond over what they create together. Whether part of a team or leading one, she finds strength in coworkers. A popular mentor and motivator, Crystal appreciates the unique qualities of each person and works to support and amplify their talents.