“Setting high goals that stretch thinking and process innovations are a fundamental element of continued growth in architecture.”

Believing the interaction with built and natural spaces craft who we are and who we become, Tom’s strong connection to nature and stewardship mindset is evident in his design approach. His artful ability to push and pull the emotion of natural light awakens the vitality and energy of any space. This, in context of practical thinking of how to achieve long term design goals with lasting benefit.

His pursuit of a design career follows from making conceptual, spatial drawings as a kid and an interest in mechanics and building things. On track for studies in aeronautical engineering, he bypassed the limits of logic and linear thinking for the creativity of architecture to shape and express space.

Tom is a design principal with 30+ years of experience leading a range of delivery methods to bring challenging, high-profile buildings into existence for public and private sector clients, including the U.S. Department of State. Tom enjoys collaborating with clients and design partners, and assembling and leading a team of individuals to deliver a building everyone is proud of. One building leveraging both his technical and design capabilities is the Oregon State University Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building, a landmark vertical evacuation site built to withstand a 9.00 earthquake and resulting tsunami, regarded as an outstanding example of climate resilient design.