“I'm passionate about architecture because of the people—a building is just a vessel expressing the community coming together to build and use it, remove the people and the building is nothing.”

As a child watching his family home being built, Jesse wandered through bare stud walls, tracing conduit routing from room to room, and felt the pride of watching the house they would live in for decades take shape. He never lost that sense of awe in possibilities coming together and enjoys designing buildings to instill that same feeling in others.

Jesse is an architectural design professional with over 20 years of experience working with public and private clients spanning governmental, residential, hospitality and educational sectors. He subscribes to the philosophy “that which can be explained, can be explained simply”, and his ability to communicate in straightforward and common terms is an asset in assuring needs, aspirations and intent are captured and implemented. This was his approach working on the U.S. Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique, as part of a multinational team, designing a 100-year building incorporating local materials.

With keen attention to detail and innovative, creative thinking, Jesse is adept at finding solutions for any challenge, believing the process is just as important as the result.