“I am passionate about public works architecture – creating places that go beyond addressing needs to reflect the people they are for and respond to context in a way that captures the dynamic interchange between people and place.”

With a background in architecture and interior design, Kandis seeks integrated and holistic solutions for the most complex design challenges to define places where people learn, grow, and form memories together. She uses her dual experience to view design challenges from different perspectives and energize her passion for integrated design solutions that build on the strengths of each expertise.

As a child Kandis enjoyed drawing houses, building with blocks, and making forts for a private retreat or hangout with friends. She remains intrigued by the role spaces play as the venue for interaction and belonging, continually working to enhance how people use and experience space in the communities and institutions she serves. Her approach is grounded in listening to her client’s wants and needs and then providing inspiring solutions balancing function with experience and aesthetic appeal. Working in the public arena, Kandis recognizes the significance of creating enduring places that will last beyond the functions and stakeholders for which they are originally designed and strives for solutions that are inherently sustainable and adaptable over time.

As a rising design and practice leader, Kandis is committed to nurturing a culture of trust and inclusivity in her interactions with stakeholders and across her project teams. She brings joy and humor to her work, with the strong belief that it isn’t just what you do that matters, but the relationships you build and how you feel while doing it.