“Architecture builds community by bringing people together with a common goal in a positive way. I enjoy helping teams align toward a design that is resilient to adapt to changing conditions, to accommodate new ideas or functions we never anticipated.”

Preston’s interest in architecture came early, when growing up in rural Idaho watching his parents consider designs for a custom log home. Fascinated with the many floor plan options, he decided right then he wanted to be architect to see plans realized into structures that matter for people. Along with later studies in math and science, he was also passionate about drawing and art. Architecture provided the opportunity to combine his creative and technical interests.

Now with 30+ years of architectural and management experience in civic facility design, Preston brings an intimate understanding of the needs and concerns unique to public buildings, working creatively and collaboratively with owners and users to achieve superbly functioning buildings. A particular talent is creating “transparent security” for non-obtrusive security in public facilities, to inventively provide a feeling of security without discernable barricades or bunker-like features.

Preston’s greatest strength as an architect is in planning and developing long range plans for a facility or campus, creating a guide to use as interests and needs develop and change. Preston’s work on The Podium public sports and event venue epitomizes the concepts of community and resilience he values. A sporting venue designed primarily to host NCAA indoor track and field events, it brings together athletes and their families from all over the west coast. Designed with resilience as a guiding principle in the form of its feature element –the only banked hydraulic track west of the Mississippi which enables a full spectrum of sporting events and concerts—the venue continually adapts to changing needs of its community.