“At the heart of our work lies the foundational infrastructure that underpins the communities we serve, enabling civil society to address the evolving challenges brought about by a changing climate and persistent social needs.”

Steven is dedicated to cultivating strong client and project partner relationships, earning the trust necessary to guide clients through the intricate spatial, organizational, and budgetary challenges inherent in every public sector building project. From conducting in-depth technical research to overseeing meticulous project detailing, he actively engages in the construction process, overseeing it from the initial design phases through construction administration to deliver a fully integrated design solution.

His expertise predominantly focuses on public sector buildings, including schools, libraries, and operational facilities. His involvement in the renovation or new construction of seven libraries across the Spokane area underscores his deep appreciation for the pivotal role libraries play in their communities. He takes particular pride in his contributions to the Spokane Valley Library, poised to serve its diverse community for generations to come.