“Architecture isn't just about creating physical spaces and forms; it's equally about the processes and the people involved.”

As an architect Anton is passionate about the process, and all the small steps that lead to the larger leaps in design. He grew up watching his grandfather spend countless hours designing at a drafting table, learning to draw by his side. Anton discovered that the exploration and experimentation of drawing would eventually reveal the solution to any problem. He believes true innovation in one's craft comes with genuinely caring about the community served and valuing the collaboration of everyone involved.

Anton’s work centers on Federal buildings, predominantly the design of U.S. Embassies around the world. His passion for international projects is deeply rooted in his life experiences, including serving in the Air Force where he experienced firsthand the importance of embracing other cultures and ideologies. He extends the spirit of cooperation in his work by creating diplomatic gateways around the globe.

His first embassy project, in Nairobi, Kenya, opened his eyes to the possibilities of new materials, methods and ways of working, instilling the perspective that anything is possible. Anton continually steps up to successfully meet the challenges that come with every project.