“Great architecture is the result of great teamwork—I find joy in collaborating to find solutions that make better buildings.”

As an engineer, Robert enjoys working shoulder to shoulder with architects to create spaces that are inviting, functional, safe, and efficient. While growing up, he actually wanted to be an architect. He enjoyed seeing and experiencing great architecture and had a knack for visualizing spaces and forms in three dimensions.

In college Robert realized his passion for buildings was more in the “nuts and bolts” of how things fit together, ending up with a major in structural engineering. At Integrus he feels he has the best of both worlds—involved in both the architecture and structural design of buildings.

His work spans numerous public and civic buildings where the structures of buildings are exposed and celebrated. Robert views Liberty Park and Spokane Valley Libraries as particularly great examples of how beautiful a structure can be, using sustainable materials that perform well in the Pacific Northwest climate with demanding wind and seismic requirements. He values the opportunity each new design project offers to improve his craft of structural engineering and to be a part of creating spaces that positively impact clients and their communities.