“Every design opportunity is a puzzle with thousands of pieces; I enjoy the challenge of determining how all the complex pieces can work together simply and beautifully.”

Working at an architecture firm in high school gave Steve an early introduction to architecture’s positive impact on community, and a sense of design business operations. Fortuitous experience, influencing his career choice as an architect and foundational for an enduring role in firm and industry leadership. Steve is a Senior Associate Principal logging 33 years of wide-ranging experience for institutional and commercial clients, with a focus on higher education. He coordinates internal teams and consultants—overseeing all aspects of design, documentation, and construction to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency. His affinity for solving puzzles is evident in his consummate skill bringing together all aspects of a design challenge.

Steve’s interest as a designer is considering how space can create a sense of belonging. Answering the myriad questions about what makes people feel welcome and comfortable fuels his passion for creating the most inviting spaces possible. Places that give people a sense of protection to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and to connect better with others. All attributes found in his work on the Health Careers & Culinary Arts Buildings at Central Oregon Community College. These bright, welcoming buildings are the home base students look forward to coming to each day for energy and inspiration as they prepare for their future.