“It is the privilege of the architect to bring mind and body equally to bear on our reckoning with the wildly extravagant earth, the wondrously diverse human and non-human members of our community, and the spirits of place that await our collaboration.”

Patrick began his career building community housing while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica. That was the beginning of a career focused on creating durable value for communities and joyful experiences for individuals. As Director of Sustainable Design at Integrus, Patrick focuses his creative energies on leading the ongoing evolution of a design culture in pursuit of resilient designs and regenerative relationships between the built and natural worlds.

For over thirty years Patrick has been honored to work with clients in diverse places and circumstances, always learning and always searching for the appropriate response to the unique challenge at hand. As an architect of schools, residences, civic institutions, and urban environments, Patrick is motivated by the desire to be equal to the trust and good faith of his clients. His recent experience designing Wallace and Lexington Elementary Schools and renovating Huntington Middle School for the Kelso School District once again demonstrates his commitment to a design process centered on community values and community voices.