Aspiration & Achievement

Interior renovations enhance the culinary arts program and dining facility putting learning in to practice.


An interior renovation brightens a former windowless space with little campus or community connection. The cafeteria had been closed for years. Locally famous for the baked goods students sold in a small bakery store open to the community, the renovation opened up the culinary program to both the college and community.

Large windows into baking and the chocolate teaching kitchens puts learning on display. A new Food Court opens on to the campus plaza with kiosks featuring baked goods and coffee, while a new restaurant is an added amenity for the community and gives students the opportunity to learn all aspects of the restaurant business. An undulating wood fin soffit utilizing parametric design flows throughout the entire space tying the spaces together with interesting detail.

Overall, the addition expands and upgrades the Culinary Arts Program food service program with a bright, open and inviting space.