Aspiration & Achievement

An unprecedented combination of critical airport operations, long term parking and rental car facilities streamlines campus circulation incorporating resilient design able to withstand and remain operational following a magnitude 9.0 earthquake.


2024 ACEC Oregon Project of the Year

2023 NIOSH Prevention through Design Award

2023 LEED Gold Certification

2022 DJC Oregon Top Projects

2022 DJC Oregon Building Diversity Award


Consistently ranked ‘the best airport in the U.S.’, the Portland Airport strives to provide an exceptional passenger experience. Part of the massive PDX Next overhaul currently underway, this unprecedented complex adjacent to the terminal is a triumph of stewardship and innovation uniquely combining essential airport operations, long-term parking, and rental car facility. Located in an earthquake zone, the four story, 95,000sf Port operations building incorporates resilient design strategies to ensure airport functions remain functional following a 9.0 Cascadian earthquake event. The design-build process was advantageous in assembling the team of experts required to design an exceptionally resilient essential services building.

Major expansion of on-site long-term parking and rental car facilities with a six-level parking structure untangles campus circulation. Eliminating the need for offsite shuttle buses reduces the volume of cars and attendant Co2 emissions in the previously congested airport corridor. The building represents the first Portland-metro area use of carbon sequestering CarbonCure concrete. Given the large volume of concrete in the structure, this significantly reduces the structure’s overall carbon footprint.

Even before the completion of airport renovation in 2025, the Portland Airport parking, rental car experience and resiliency in the event of natural disaster position it to retain its popular standing and ability to endure for travelers long into the future.