Aspiration & Achievement

Harmonizing institutional heritage and innovation in a contemporary, collaborative environment supporting research and inquiry to increase student and faculty recruitment and retention.


2024 AIA Spokane Design Awards, Citation Award (Unbuilt)

"The character of a building can easily get lost in a campus context. Here we carved out a place where people will want to be—from engaging classrooms to inviting spaces to catch up on reading or connect with friends—reminiscent of favorite spaces I enjoyed in my university days.

Seeing that atmosphere flourish in a building design I worked to achieve—to give others that same experience—is indescribable."

Jason Bond

Project Manager


The new PACCAR Engineering Building will be a ‘beacon of innovation’ on the Whitworth University campus. As an institution rooted in liberal arts studies, Whitworth has responded to the diverse interests and career goals of its students by expanding their offerings in science and engineering pathways. The new approximately 21,000 sf building provides an environment where research and inquiry are integral throughout, while fostering collaboration within the department, and between students and faculty. Physically, it will join three existing science buildings along the wooded northern edge of campus, squaring off a developing science neighborhood while creating a campus identity for the engineering discipline.

The building spaces are organized by three distinct phases of design-thinking: EXPLORE, DESIGN and MATERIALIZE. EXPLORE includes instructional spaces, research labs, and the building administrative functions. DESIGN includes the design labs and prototype lab. MATERIALIZE includes a metal fabrication shop. The need for space to SHARE and gather during all phases of the design process is addressed by adding a Test and Demonstration space offering a communal area for collaborative work, project testing, and faculty demonstration.

Composed of two masses united by glass gaskets, the building integrates with campus and articulates an identity and presence for Engineering. The larger wing responds to the prominent brick campus context as a simple patterned brick element with punched openings. In contrast, the smaller wing is articulated through color, texture, and visual weight as a sleek floating mass of glass and white metal panel. Standing out as a ‘beacon of innovation,’ the new PACCAR Engineering Building will foster a sense of community and pride across the sciences and express the importance of the Engineering program to the future of Whitworth.