We design for learning in all its many forms, which includes creating welcoming and engaging teaching spaces for CTE (Career & Technical Education), tailored to specific career skills curriculum and hands-on learning preparing students for success in the workforce.

In this article in Learning By Design Magazine, titled “Student Engagement Through Authentic Learning Experiences: How CTE Creates Real-World Learning Experiences for Students”, Integrus Senior Associate Molly Jacobs teams up with Diego Barrera, principal, WRA Architects, to explore how CTE serves as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in contemporary education.

The current structure of CTE programs is distinguished from vocational models of the past by seamlessly integrating academic knowledge with practical skills, preparing students for a variety of career pathways with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving workforce. This integrated approach not only enhances student engagement but also contributes to a high graduation rate. And postsecondary CTE programs extend opportunities for students to delve deeper into their chosen interests, offering specialized training and skill development. In turn, there has been an intentional shift to create engaging CTE education environments putting learning on display to elevate the experience and draw for a diverse range of student learners.