The Hillyard Community Campus in Spokane, Washington—encompassing Shaw Middle School, On Track Academy and the Hillyard Branch of the Spokane Public Library—has won the 2024 Polished Apple Award, the top statewide school design award from A4LE Washington @a4le_pnw !

An unprecedented public/ private partnership came together as partners for change to create a campus of shared resources to position students and families for success, in one of the most economically challenged districts in the state.

Jury comments called out —“It’s hard enough working on a school project with one or two stakeholders, we can’t imagine navigating about 12 different ones. What stood out was the level of planning amongst the many entities…and the flexibility of spaces for hands-on learning.”

A big shout out to the Hillyard community, On Track Academy, Spokane Public Library and our design and construction teams who brought about this beautiful place that builds school and community pride, supporting belonging and inclusion for better education experiences for students.