What would you do to escape a tsunami? Go up! But where, and how?

This CNN article discusses tsunami preparedness and response. For places where there is no safe higher elevation or not enough time to get there, vertical evacuation sites offer refuge from tsunami within reach of people nearby. It references our work at the Oregon State University coastal campus in Newport, OR, with a building designed to withstand significant waves of water and debris. A highly visible large ramp extends from ground level up to the roof, leading to an emergency cache with supplies for 900 people to last three days (or until help comes). It’s a great example for schools, hospitals and other civic buildings to consider.

And check out the CNN series, ‘Violent Earth’, exploring natural disasters throughout the world. The episode about earthquake and tsunami includes good information to be aware of, whether living in an inundation zone or when visiting coastal areas in a seismic zone. It’s not a matter of if – but when! Be ready!

Link to CNN ‘Violent Earth’ – Earthquakes & Tsunami